Are you interested in driving for Carna Transport Ltd? To apply for a job please complete the below online application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Please state the type of Heavy Goods Vehicles you have driven and for what period
Ton Period Name of Employer Telephone No.
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Step 4

Have you any health or physical defects, infirmity condition which could impair your ability to drive. i.e vision or hearing YES/NO. If YES, please give details:

Do you have any endorsements/points on your licence? YES/NO. If so, please advise details:
Have you EVER been charged with any motor offences? YES/NO. If so, please give dates, nature of prosecutions and results of prosecutions:

Is any prosecution pending? YES/NO. If so , give details

Remember: Your licence will be checked with the relevant licensing Authority

Are you now or have you ever been insured in your own name in respect of any motor vehicle? YES / NO (If Yes please State).

Step 5

Have you had any accident, claims or losses in the past Five years in any vehicle driven by you? If YES please give details:
Date Details of Accident Cost of own Damage Cost of t/p Damage

I warrant that all the above statements and particulars are true and that I have not suppressed, misrepresented or mis-stated any material fact.

I hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the above information is correct and I agree that this document shall be incorporated into and shall form part of the contract between me and the company.